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ACM SIGDA Technical Committee on FPGAs and Reconfigurable Computing

Stephen Trimberger named ACM Fellow
posted by Andre on Friday December 17, @03:18AM
from the due-recognition dept.
News Andre writes "Stephen Trimberger (Xilinx) has been named an ACM Fellow in the 2010 inductees."

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VPR 5.0
posted by Andre on Thursday October 21, @07:31AM
from the new-and-improved-version-of-classic-tool dept.
Open Source phwl writes "The latest version of University of Toronoto's open-source Versatile Placement and Routing Tool, VPR 5.0, includes support for modern architectural features such as single driver routing and coarse grained blocks. Using VPR, one can place and route a design to estimate its performance. Being open source it can be adapted for modeling new architectures, making it a powerful architectural exploration tool. The latest version supports a complete Verilog-based open source design flow."

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Open Source Processors
posted by Andre on Friday October 01, @08:21AM
from the look-what's-out-there dept.
Open Source phwl writes "There are many open-source microprocessor designs available on the web and some of the major ones are briefly reviewed here..... What other open-source processors should be included in this list?"

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