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ACM SIGDA Technical Committee on FPGAs and Reconfigurable Computing

Call for Abstracts: Workshop on FPGAs for Domain Experts
posted by Andre on Thursday October 04, @09:50AM
from the easing-access-to-FPGAs dept.
call-for-papers waqarnabi writes "

You are invited to submit an abstract for the 1st International Workshop on FPGAs for Domain Experts (FPODE-18), co-located with the 27th International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT18). The workshop will be held at Limassol, Cyprus, on Sunday, November 04, 2018. Abstracts are due October 15th.
Workshop web page:

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VFLOAT Variable Precision Floating-point library
posted by Andre on Tuesday April 05, @04:00PM
from the key-building-blocks dept.
Open Source Miriam writes "Northeastern's Reconfigurable Computing Laboratory offers an open-source library of fully parameterized hardware modules for variable precision floating-point arithmetic at"

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Verilog-to-Routing Open Source FPGA CAD Release
posted by Andre on Sunday March 20, @03:02PM
from the closing-the-gap dept.
Open Source In an effort to advance the software tools used in FPGA CAD and architecture research, we have released a beta version of our new, public, Verilog-to-Routing (VTR) CAD flow. -- Jason Luu


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