FPGA2013 Pre-Conference Tutorials

February 11, 2013, Monetery, CA


Speaker or Segment Slides Video
Building Zynq Accelerators with Vivado High Level Synthesis
Stephen Neuendorffer and Fernando Martinez-Villina
PDF Slides Not Available
Cross-Platform FPGA Accelerator Development using CoRAM and CONNECT
Eric S. Chung, Michael K. Papamichael, Gabriel Weisz, and James C. Hoe
CoRAM Project Page
PDF slides Part 1 (800MB)
Part 2 (300MB)
Part 3 (275MB)
Harnessing the Power of FPGAs Using Altera's OpenCL Compiler
Deshanand P. Singh, Tomasz S. Czajkowski, and Andrew Ling
PDF slides Part 1 (920MB)
Part 2 (300MB)
Part 3 (740MB)
High-Level Synthesis with LegUp: A Crash Course for Users and Researchers
Jason H. Anderson, Stephen D. Brown, Andrew Chanis, and Jongsok Choi
Tutorial Support Installation and Examples
PPT slides Part 1 (1GB)
Part 2 (160MB)
Part 3 (670MB)

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