FPGAs in 2032: Challenges and Opportunities in the next 20 years

FPGA2012 Pre-Conference Workshop

February 22, 2012, Monetery, CA

Chairs: Vaughn Betz (University of Toronto) and Lesley Shannon (Simon Fraser University)

Abstract: This year marks the 20th anniversary of the FPGA Symposium, so itis fitting that this workshop will look forward to the changes that the next 20 years are likely to bring to programmable systems. A panel of visionaries from industry and academia will present their thoughts on major research areas, challenges and opportunities that will emerge over the coming two decades. Questions abound, from what the software flow in 2032 will be, to what architectures will suit chips with 100 billion transistors, and what the fabrication technology will be.


Speaker or Segment Slides Video
Introduction by Vaugn Betz (University of Toronto) slides Video (37MB)
Dr. Misha Burich (CTO and Senior Vice-President of R & D of Altera) slides Video (152MB)
Mr. Bob Blainey (IBM Fellow, Compiler and Next-Generation System Software) slides Video (155MB)
Dr. Steve Teig (President and CTO of Tabula) slides Video (171MB)
Dr. Michael Flynn (Chairman of Maxeler Technologies and Professor Emeritus at Stanford University) slides Video (176MB)
Dr. Ivo Bolsens (CTO and Senior Vice-President of Xilinx) slides Video (202MB)
Mr. Shep Siegel (Founder and CTO of Atomic Rules) slides Video (244MB)
Prof. Peter Cheung (Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London) slides Video (206MB)
General Questions and Discussion Video (163MB)

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