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ACM SIGDA Technical Committee on FPGAs and Reconfigurable Computing

FPL 25th Anniversary Significant Papers
posted by Andre on Thursday February 19, @04:14PM
from the great-FPL-papers dept.
Literature The FPL conference has enjoyed 25 continuous years of success. In order to celebrate this milestone, we seek to identify significant papers from the first 25 years and seek you nominations.

The committee will focus on impact and influence of the nominated papers, but other well-argued criteria in the endorsement will be considered e.g. influence on industrial products and companies. After the nomination process has closed, reviewers and committee members will review the papers.

Please keep the instructions when you nominate a paper :

  1. Find the paper ID for the paper you are looking for in the paper list - Type a paper title in the Search Conversation box or refer to the attachment excel file or the topic of Paper List of FPL from 1991 to 2014. nation/conversations/topics/10 The paper list excludes the papers for poster and Ph.D. forum.
  2. Complete the form in the topic of Notation Template nation/conversations/messages/80 and paste as the body of a new email to "fplsig1(at)" with subject being “Paper ID [space] Authors [space] (or First Author) [space] Paper Title”. Note that the part to change is the region between the <label> and </label> tags and look on the list for examples (we will have do delete nominations that are not in the correct format). Please check that the paper has not already been nominated before you make a post.
  3. A list of nominated papers will be updated weekly and available on nation/conversations/messages/78.
The dates for this process are given below and we will not accept any nomination after the deadline:
14th Feb 2015: Call for nominations
16th March 2015: Nominations close
27th April 2015: FPL Significant Papers Committee solicits reviews of shortlisted papers
25th May 2015: Reviews close and papers discussed
22nd June 2015: List is prepared for submission as a special paper to FPL 2015
2-4 Sep 2015: Certificates given to authors of selected papers at the conference

We thank you for your help on this matter and look forward to receiving your input regarding significant papers from the FPL conference. If you have any queries or suggestions, please post your questions on the Discussions and Questions topic or contact JunKyu Lee by email "jun.kyu.lee(at)".

Regards, FPL Significant Papers Committee
Philip Leong, Hideharu Amano, Cristina Silvano, Koen Bertels, Hayden So, Rissa Tero, Oliver Diessel, Jason Anderson, Marco Platzner, Patrick Lysaght, Wayne Luk, Joao Cardoso, Mike Hutton, JunKyu Lee, Guy Gogniat, Viktor K. Prasanna, Yu Wang

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