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ACM SIGDA Technical Committee on FPGAs and Reconfigurable Computing

Major revision of VFLOAT variable precision librar
posted by Andre on Wednesday October 02, @04:38PM
from the conquering-divide dept.
Open Source Miriam writes "A major revision of the VFLOAT variable precision floating point library is available: ingpoint/index.html

Components have been tested on both Altera and Xilinx devices. A new divider has been added the supports double precision floating point. In addition, a number of past issues have been fixed.

The new divider design is described in Xin Fang's MS thesis: hp#theses and in: Xin Fang and Miriam Leeser. Vendor Agnostic, High Performance, Double Precision Floating Point Division for FPGAs, IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing (HPEC), September 2013, Waltham, MA. Available from IEEE XPLORE."

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